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Great game

Love it!

I love the questions on the cards. It keeps the sparkle in my relationship.

The Relationship Edition - Digital Deck

The Relationship Edition - Physical Deck

Excellence in every deck of cards.

If you want to improve in your relations on a more deeper level, spouse, family and friends, or just to even understand there thought process and know where they are in their universe. I would definitely recommend all 3 of these deck. Excellent work and exceptional delivery. Thank you for creating and contributing such a splendid game to the world. I LOVE THEM ALL!

Awesome Deck

Really loved the deck. Was able to play it with a few friends and we all ended up opening up to each other. I learned a few things about my significant other . Made us a little stronger. I would recommend y’all.

Learning about loved ones

This game is great! I learned so many things about my partner that sparked great conversations and of course, helped us connect better.

Great conversation

It has been a winner with my family. Was able to learn more about my family.

The Relationship Edition - Physical Deck

Group Edition - Physical Deck


Fun relationship starter

The Relationship Edition - Digital Deck

The Relationship Edition - Physical Deck

We love it!

Used the deck with a group of friends I haven’t seen in over a year. It was a great way to catch up, explore questions we never thought of asking, and connect/reconnect on different aspects of our lives. As well as delve into each other’s opinions. Love it!

The Relationship Edition - Digital Deck

The Relationship Edition - Physical Deck

Was pleasantly surprised by his participation. I think the questions varied in topic enough to keep us interested. Been married 30 years, and yes, learned things. Thank you!

Group Edition - Physical Deck
One Blessed Aquarius

I've played this with my Lil Sis and some of my closest friends. Definitely gets the conversation poppin'! Very eye opening! I also bought the Generation and Relationship Editions so I'm looking forward to those as well.

Super fun gift!

I am excited to give the Generations Deck for Christmas this year!

Perfect Gift!

Bought the Relationship and Group Editions for two close friends who just started dating -- very well received! Great gift :)

In the mail

You are asking for a review before I receive my package?

The Relationship Edition - Digital Deck

These are awesome

They have allowed my wife and I to explore deeper thoughts about things that we would not have discussed otherwise... It's also a great way to have a Virtual couples "Date Nite" with others. Very stimulating indeed

Generations Edition - Digital Deck


Enjoying them very very much