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Awesome thought provoking game

I played this game with my ex and it gave us both a better understanding of each other. While we may not get back together, it allowed us to have vulnerability with each other and transparency to be friends. Would recommend this to anyone!😍


Happy to have these digitally for on the go connections! Very excited for my boyfriend and I to have fun ways to interact that actually bring us closer!

Great game

Love it!

I love the questions on the cards. It keeps the sparkle in my relationship.

The Relationship Edition - Digital Deck

The Relationship Edition - Physical Deck

Excellence in every deck of cards.

If you want to improve in your relations on a more deeper level, spouse, family and friends, or just to even understand there thought process and know where they are in their universe. I would definitely recommend all 3 of these deck. Excellent work and exceptional delivery. Thank you for creating and contributing such a splendid game to the world. I LOVE THEM ALL!

Awesome Deck

Really loved the deck. Was able to play it with a few friends and we all ended up opening up to each other. I learned a few things about my significant other . Made us a little stronger. I would recommend y’all.

Learning about loved ones

This game is great! I learned so many things about my partner that sparked great conversations and of course, helped us connect better.

Great conversation

It has been a winner with my family. Was able to learn more about my family.

The Relationship Edition - Physical Deck

Group Edition - Physical Deck


Fun relationship starter

The Relationship Edition - Digital Deck

The Relationship Edition - Physical Deck

We love it!

Used the deck with a group of friends I haven’t seen in over a year. It was a great way to catch up, explore questions we never thought of asking, and connect/reconnect on different aspects of our lives. As well as delve into each other’s opinions. Love it!

The Relationship Edition - Digital Deck

The Relationship Edition - Physical Deck

Was pleasantly surprised by his participation. I think the questions varied in topic enough to keep us interested. Been married 30 years, and yes, learned things. Thank you!

Group Edition - Physical Deck
One Blessed Aquarius

I've played this with my Lil Sis and some of my closest friends. Definitely gets the conversation poppin'! Very eye opening! I also bought the Generation and Relationship Editions so I'm looking forward to those as well.

Super fun gift!

I am excited to give the Generations Deck for Christmas this year!

Perfect Gift!

Bought the Relationship and Group Editions for two close friends who just started dating -- very well received! Great gift :)

In the mail

You are asking for a review before I receive my package?

The Relationship Edition - Digital Deck

These are awesome

They have allowed my wife and I to explore deeper thoughts about things that we would not have discussed otherwise... It's also a great way to have a Virtual couples "Date Nite" with others. Very stimulating indeed