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How We Came Up With This Game

There's Always A Story

I jumped on a video call with my father. He's tech savvy for his age. 

He was on his lunch break. 

"Hey son, what's going on?"

"What's up pops, you got a second? I had something I wanted to ask you".

"Sure son, what's up?"

I asked him about my grandfather. 

I never met my grandfather. Only saw a single picture of him with my grand mother.

Knowing about my family origin had become pretty important to me. 

Who am I? Where do I come from? 

My father started telling me about my grandfather. 

He told me that he owned a shop in upper Manhattan.

I expected to hear some interesting father/son stories. But he told me something that shocked me. 

He didn't have a relationship with my grandfather at all. 

Everything my father knew about his dad, was second hand.

"I could sit in the same room with your grandfather for hours and we wouldn't say a word to each other. No beef, or ill will, he just didn't like talking".  

When my father said that, things got clear. 

My father and I have a great relationship but I've always felt the conversations didn't go deep.

I use to think, "Why doesn't he ask follow up questions?"

"Does my dad know personal things about me?"

"What do I really know about him?"

After the convo, I thanked him for sharing that info with me. My head was spinning. I was happy and emotional at the same time. I took a walk.

I wanted to know more about my father. 

So I spent a couple days brainstorming and created a bunch of questions I could ask him. 

I made a rule: I wouldn't allow him to give short, close ended responses. If I got  one, I would dig deeper.

Before chatting with my father again, I decided to call my mother.

I wanted to see if the questions would work on her. 

I framed the questions as a game. The mood was light and happy. 

We talked for about 2 hours on the phone. 

I learned about her most embarrassing and happiest moments, her first kiss, where she would travel if she got an all expensed paid trip and more. 

It was even better when I spoke with my father. 

I learn so much about him. What he wanted his legacy to be. What new skill he could learn if he could instantly have the information downloaded into his brain. 

After tearing up a little I realized something had happened.

I had made connections with some important people in my life. People who raised me, that I've known all my life, but didn't really know.  

I started playing this game with everyone. My wife, friends, in-laws. 

People started asking if they could get the questions as a card game. 

Connections was created.

The team and I hope you are able to create magical moments with the important people in your life.